organise a Christmas event with us

If your company brings together employees from different parts of the world, it may be a good idea to organise an event not holiday-themed. Or perhaps you want to sum up the year, grant prizes and awards, present plans for the future? If so, organise a formal banquet for this purpose! 

At the Vodka Factory Museum, we will create a unique atmosphere for a Christmas party for you and your employees. We go beyond the standard company Christmas Eve by making it more interesting with engaging games and team-building activities, culminating in a shared dinner. A company meeting like this will provide employees with great memories that they can return to all year round.



  • tour of the interactive Vodka Factory Museum with a guide 

  • business presentation, lecture, demonstration, in an intimate cinema room 

  • themed party in Santa Claus and Christmas style 

  • 1920s theme party 

  • scenario games (detective or treasure hunt) 

  • Santa Claus lottery with prizes 

  • Christmas photo booth 

  • special gadgets 

  • alcohol infusion workshop, description of other workshops available here 

  • unique tasting of original cocktails and many types of spirits 

  • cold snacks 

  • an evening at the Utopia Vodka Bar 

  • dance party

  • dinner at one of the restaurants in our Fabryczna 13 complex - additional information available here

Do you have your own ideas for this evening's scenario? Contact us and we will organise an event based on the interests, budget and time availability of the participants.


Phone no.: 881 970 610