organise a team-building event with us

Team-building events organised at the Vodka Factory Museum are an interesting way to spend time together outside the office. The team-building games we offer you are also competitive, but above all great fun. It makes it easier to start a conversation and reduce the distance between the event participants. Joint company events help to strengthen the bonds between colleagues, which translates into better working relationships between them, as well as their productivity at work. Team-building games are an invaluable tool for building a close-knit team. 

If you want to provide your employees with unforgettable moments in a beautiful setting that tells stories, contact us! At the Vodka Factory Museum, we can weave elements related to your company and its daily life into scenario-based field games. Will the participants win the prize without a problem? Find out for yourself! In our offer you will find loads of active and creative attractions!



  • tour of the interactive Vodka Factory Museum with or without a guide

  • presentation, lecture, demonstration, training in an intimate cinema hall

  • integrating team games, museum tour in the form of a city game

  • scenario games with elements of team building

  • workshops here

  • bartending competition

  • dedicated gifts

  • unique tasting of original cocktails and many types of spirits

  • an evening at the Utopia Vodka Bar

  • cold snacks

  • dance party

  • dinner at one of the restaurants in our Fabryczna 13 complex - additional information available here

Do you have your own ideas for this evening's scenario? Contact us and we will organise an event based on the interests, budget and time availability of the participants.


Phone no.: 881 970 610