organise a bachelor party with us

Alcohol is a regular feature of a bachelor party. However, if you and your friends like to enjoy it rather than simply drink it we suggest a workshop on the art of tasting. Did you think you already knew everything about vodka? Welcome to a higher level of initiation! Our presenters have a specialised and very comprehensive knowledge of the held tastings. A night tour of the Vodka Factory Museum will also be a unique attraction. The museum's out-of-hours availability and the alco-challenge tours with guides will be a memorable surprise. Several scenarios for the evening to choose from! Are you anticipating a heavy drinking party? After touring the Museum, visit the Utopia Vodka Bar, which is an integral part of the Museum and offers a wide selection of spirits.



  • tour of the interactive Vodka Factory Museum with or without a guide

  • private film screening in an intimate cinema room 

  • vodka puzzles, games, quizzes, surprises and prizes

  •  workshops 

  • dedicated gifts, special poster

  • unique tasting of original cocktails and many types of spirits 

  • an evening at the Utopia Vodka Bar 

  • cold snacks

  • dinner at one of the restaurants in our Fabryczna 13 complex - additional information available here 

  • accommodation in the Mercure hotel located in our Fabryczna 13 complex - additional information available here

Do you have your own ideas for this evening's scenario? Contact us and we will organise an event based on the interests, budget and time availability of the participants.


Phone no.: 881 970 610