organise your bachelor night with us

Are you looking for interesting attractions in Cracow for this occasion? A scenario game, a unique tasting, or perhaps a 1920s or communist Poland themed party? At the Vodka Factory Museum, we will organise something extraordinary to give the bride an unforgettable experience and make her remember this special evening for a lifetime. 

A bachelorette party a good time to relax and not worry about wedding preparations. To start off the crazy evening, we introduce a forbidden word rule (e.g. fiancé, wedding, bride, mother-in-law) to make the bride forget all the mundane stuff for the whole evening. And what is the penalty for uttering the forbidden word at the Vodka Factory Museum? A glass of vodka (what else?) Games for a bachelorette party are one of the best ideas that will help to perfectly integrate the whole company taking part in the crazy party! In between dancing and tasting the designer cocktails at Utopia Vodka Bar, you can give your future bride a perfect housewife test. Our experience leaves no illusions - games for girls is an alternative that will turn up the atmosphere of the evening. 



  • tour of the interactive Vodka Factory Museum with a guide

  • private film screening in an intimate cinema room

  • themed party in the 1920s or the communist Poland style 

  • vodka puzzles, games, quizzes, task cards, surprises and prizes 

  • predicting the future - fortune cookies 

  • workshops 

  • dedicated gifts, special poster

  • an evening at the Utopia Vodka Bar

  • dinner at one of the restaurants in our Fabryczna 13 complex - additional information available here

Do you have your own ideas for this evening's scenario? Contact us and we will organise an event based on the interests, budget and time availability of the participants.


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